Calendar design for 2012 with Komicite and Orbis Foods

We love Komicite show! They always make us laugh, even if we watch them on the TV set and it is mute. Our actors are very good and they prove it every time when they are on the small screen. We are happy that our clients from Orbis Foods entrusted us the design and creating of their new calendar for 2012 which consists of all the characters from the Komicite show. Your months will be funnier and sweet with them. We created the calendar in no time with the most favorite products of Orbis Foods – Turkish delight, limonovi rezanki, halva Zlateya, Mentina as well as with the merry photos. With laugh and goodies work goes smooth and slips by :)


  1. 11.05.12 в 14:09


    Cool calendar! I love Komicite very much. When I was in Bulgaria my friend Mony told me about them and we went on their show. It was a great fun! I didn’t understand a lot, but these faces…It was really fun:)

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