Defect web design for the online shop

Each and everyone of us has something defect. That’s essentially why we are perfect human beings. Someone once said “Beauty is symmetry”. My Mom says: “Small defects highlight the perfection”. Well, I believe more what my Mom said :). Even in nature there is no complete symmetry and that’s why it is marvelous and unique. I prefer to be unique!

We make our choice every day – how to dress, what to put on or not on our hair, how to decorate the office, home … car. We need to give colour and shape to our moods. We stress on our personality when we put a vivid and different detail on the wall, table, ceiling and in our soul. With this very idea we decided to create the online shop – to create many Defects for your internal space :) Defect is a project behind which stand many people, sleepless nights, ideas, used up books and tested materials. We are happy to present to you the completed but still in progress online shop in which we hope each of you will find something new and provocative. See our project Logo design and online shop development of We will be glad if you like it and pick a gift for the coming holidays and why not just like that, without an occasion, for you, your friends or relatives.



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    shop maniak

    Cool online shop and art place!

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