Facebook redesigned its News feed and added real-time updates.

Recently, on September 20th , Tuesday, Google tried to overshadow Facebook with the news that the social network Google+ is already open for everyone.
But Facebook which planned to launch a new media platform and make some other important updates this week on their annual developers conference in San Francisco, struck back :)

Google strengthened the competition for dollars and online dominance just like Facebook did. Facebook releases its News Feed update which gives priority to important publications. If you haven’t visited Facebook recently, you will see the top photos and latest statuses since your last login; If you login a few times a day, you will see more latest news. The idea is viewing the information you are mostly interested in.

“Now, News Feed will act more like your own personal newspaper”, announced in his blog Mark Tonkelowitz, an engineering manager at Facebook.

Facebook also presents a real-time ‘ticker’ which divides the last activities of your friends and encourages you to chat with them about it.

“Ticker shows you the same stuff you were already seeing on Facebook but it brings your conversations to life by displaying updates instantaneously”, adds in his blog Tonkelowitz.

The main goal is to provide quickly the most important updates from your friends. It sounds good, nevertheless, the comments for these latest efforts are mixed. There are users who complain the social network does not have the right to discuss what is important to them. Of course there are many users who welcome the updates on Facebook.

Which type are we? We tend to be from the second group. As specialists in online advertising and SEO optimization and online shop and website development we always welcome the effort towards improving the quality of the offered services.

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