Free photos online – the selection of 13 terrific sites

Searching high-quality pictures online has happened to each of us at least once. Whether for making an announcement for an upcoming promotion on the online shop, for launching a newsletter, for publishing a feature or for replacing an old photo with a new one on the website.

The reason does not matter. The important thing is that many sites where you could find free high-quality photos exist – you only have to know where to look for and be careful for the terms and conditions in which you use the photos :) We present to you a selection of 13 websites which will do you a good job for the above-mentioned tasks.

Probably the website stock.xchng is the most well-known example of all for a place where you can find free photos. In order to download photos on your computer, you have to register first and pay attention to the licenses. Some of them are free if they are used for a personal use only. Furthermore, you have to be careful because almost every page with results has also paid pictures among the free ones. The advantage of this website is that there are many pictures which have high resolution and are absolutely free!

Dreamstime sells photos but if you know where exactly to look for you will find a section with free ones. First you have to register in the website which is free.

We mentioned this one a few years ago in Free photos by Photol but there’s no way to skip it now. You can download more than 40 MB a day. Every month the website is updated with between 7000 and 10 000. All photos are taken specially for Before downloading pictures, you have to make an absolutely free registration.

Stockvault is a wonderful place where you can find absolutely free pictures if you want to use them with a non-commercial purpose (for example for your blog or for a personal presentation). Here you have to be careful which photos are free and which are not, too.

Morguefile requires registration but here you can find more than 10 000 free photos. This website is much better than some other like it because it is easy to find and distinguish free from paid pictures.

Freepixels is a smaller website, with fewer advertisements, but the pictures are easy to find and download on your computer (registration is needed). There are 40 categories with photos in it. Abstractions, architecture, nature, subjects, food and drinks, travelling and people – these are only some of the main categories.

Photogen is another small website we liked because although there are advertisements, all pictures which appear in the results are completely free and are not mixed with paid ones. It is easy-to-navigate and download high-quality pictures. Preliminary registration is required in the site.

Free Images
Free Images is another website that you have to remember because not only it has a base of 6000+ pictures, but you can view and download them absolutely free and without an account also! Searching is very fast, advertisements are well separated, i.e. there is no way to confuse them and click on them by accident unless you want to, of course. The pictures are easy-to-find – arranged in special categories.

Texture King
Texture King is a unique site because it has free photos of textures. If you need a picture for background, pad, screen etc. they are awesome for this purpose. Another (almost without advertisement) site where you don’t have to register to see or download these pictures (of high quality).

Every Stock Photo
What makes Every Stock Photo unique is the fact that this site is a search engine for other free photo sites. It gives results from stock.xchng, flickr, photoXpress and other.

Nations Illustrated
Nations Illustrated offers photos from all over the world, with a base of more than 7300 pictures (of different quality). Most of them are linked with the travelling theme but you don’t need an account to have access to them and the only advertisement that can distract you is from adsense.

Public Domain Pictures
Here you can find everything! It is very easy to distinguish advertisements from free pictures. The photos have different resolutions and you can view and download them without registration.

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