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Communication between people has always been one of the most important but also one of the toughest things. We have more and more channels to communicate through and more and more opportunities to remain misunderstood unfortunately. In order our messages to reach our clients we need much more than launching them on all possible social networks and think we have done the necessary thing. The strategy and preliminary information for our client are important. Naturally, basing on study about the interests, attitudes and interactions with similar to our products or services is the most logical and necessary first step before choosing the channels and ways to communicate.
Bloggers are more and more used to affect users. Many of them are opinion leaders and people trust their judgment for almost anything.
Many of the campaigns of famous brands use as a channel blogs to reach a larger  percent of people who are targeted and who are much more willing to trust them. When a blogger has become a fan of our brand we can say that this is a good sign.
Another communications channel is social networks. Once again the reason for their success is that people are themselves there, they have many contacts and friends who constantly share opinion on different issues and regarding promotions, games and business fan pages is a wonderful opportunity for increasing the popularity online.
Of course, there are other ways to popularize your business too, but the above mentioned two are the closest and most understandable to people. Important stress here is put on the concept and realization of “Users – we listen to you. You are the most important ones to us!”
By observing some simple rules you can achieve a lot in the online communication and not only keep but also make your clients stick to your site and company. We share with you some major and easy pieces of advice:

  1. You must always call things by their true names. Don’t neglect plump people for example. It is already quite banal to advertise products with models and very thin girls and boys. People are not perfect and this is not something to be ashamed of. Communicate your brand for the common people who have not got supernormal powers and unique perfect skin.
  2. Offer maximum convenience. For example, if you have developed an online shop you must make it easy for users and guide them around the website like a skilled sales consultant. It is good if the shop offers FAQs; you should offer free trial, product recall; you should include coupons in the basket and many more main ideas that will help you to keep your users for longer time on your online shop and will make them returning visitors.
  3. Emotion is above reason! You remember the ad with Santa Claus of the famous soft drink brand; the ad of the aromatic coffee – Unique Charomat; of the chocolates – Dare to be Tender ? The emotional side above the reasonable one is present in these  memorable examples and in many more campaigns. Touch the memories, dreams and traditions of users and you will be much more successful than if your campaign is based on the sole rational decision to buy something (in most cases it is irrational :) )
  4. Give freedom and flexibility in the choice. An example can be given with the plans of  mobile operators. There are such mobile operators that provide much more flexibility in the plans and term of their contracts. Freedom may be expressed also in not forcing your client and ask him at all costs what he wants or why he has come in your shop. This is invasion of people’s privacy and they start to feel worried and anxious. When a client has visited your shop, don’t scare him with too many banners as well as flashing, illuminated and producing sound ones. Restrict to minimum the annoying and intrusive elements.

We hope we have been useful to you. We wish you success in the communication with your users.


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