Online shop development for the most conceptual boutique in Sofia – Farenah

It feels like autumn and it feels like going shopping! This summer we have worked a lot and this is the reason why there’s no much time left to write news for our latest projects as well as to go shopping. Well, now we have a little pre-holiday time and we  plan to catch up with both.

One of our latest finished projects in the summer is the online shop for Farenah Concept. A luxurious boutique which tempts everyone to buy something at first sight. We wanted to buy some chocolate and a porcelain kettle – Indian Summer. Very thematic considering the fact that this month will be warm and it promises a real Indian summer here in Bulgaria or the so called “Gypsy summer”. :) Yes, we know the prices are high, but the quality and design of the offered goods are also very impressing!

And you should not put shopping aside for as long as we did. Now it’s much easier and faster to shop online so you should press the button “Add in the cart” and you will soon have a most luxurious product straight delivered to your house. You can read a little more about the product in the online shop development for Farenah Concept.

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