6 reasons to have a Fan page on Facebook.

You want to know a little more about your clients and they to know and speak a little more about you? To increase the trust in you, attract more clients, increase your sales … easily. If you still wonder why you must have a Fan Page on Facebook we give you six reasons not to ask more questions, but just do it!

  1. Your Fan Page on Facebook is indexed by the search engines (Google) and appears amidst the results in case of more frequent search. This is not by chance as these pages have constantly updated contents. Every activity by your fans – comment, like, share, your Fan Page mentioning, all this is shown by Google too. If you maintain your fan page active it can be a very good source of traffic by Facebook as well as by search engines. More and more people look first on Facebook when they are interested in some product or service. Their attention is attracted by pages which are ‘liked’ by more people because thus they feel this is a more personal and reliable recommendation for the quality of some company.
  2. The advantage of the first. If you still don’t have a fan page, your competitors have one and for sure they take advantage of the traffic which could be your traffic. So hurry up!
  3. The most popular search engines – Google and Bing pay much attention to the traffic that comes from Facebook and Twitter! Yes, they admitted it a few months ago.
  4. The more channels you use for popularizing products and services you offer, the better. You build up trust in people as they will more frequently hear of you, see you more frequently and they will speak about you more frequently.
  5. Because you have to be up-to-date. If you want to be number one in your business, you have to be online and have a corporate page on Facebook. If you think that burying your head in the sand will save you from the more rapidly increasing number of your competitors – you are fooling yourselves. What will save you is burying yourself in the personal ‘stuff’ of your potential clients, the communication with them directly and frankly, the closeness and frankness with users. All this is accomplished most efficiently with the social network Facebook.
  6. Because … it simply works :) If you don’t believe us, you can try and see for yourselves. You will be able to increase your sales and clients at a very low cost, with little efforts, easily and even pleasantly.

Don’t look for reasons not to have a page on Facebook because we have just given you 6 reasons “FOR” which are worth it :)

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