Sincere and personal from Take a Cake for RIZN

The questions and the online shop development for Take a Cake on the Magento platform – coming from us and the answers and tasty cupcakes, muffins and cupcake sets – sincere and personal from the bakery:).

Q: The idea of Take a Cake was realized in the beginning of 2011. A year and a half later you decided you wanted to make an online shop too. What made you decide this?

A: We were already thinking about expansion. We had to think over several opportunities, the most reasonable from which were the opening of a new shop or the development of an online shop. We decided to focus first on the online shop not only as a second sale channel, but as a center of all our online activities. The statistics support this choice as they show that firms which practise multichannel marketing have a lot of advantages.

Q: How did you pick RIZN and the Magento platform, how did we win your attention?

A: After we made a contest where we invited some of the best agencies in Bulgaria, we chose you due to a few reasons: you had experience in online shops development; we have already seen the good balance which you achieve between the transactional and promotional aspect in your projects; and most importantly – you managed to convince us that you can be our partners and advisors instead of executors only. Later you proved it.

Q: What is the different in Take a Cake? What makes you more special than the donuts, muffins and cakes that are sold in other coffee chains?

A: Our concept is very focused – we make and market only cupcakes and muffins, without compromises in quality. The cakes are prepared on-the-spot, in front of the customers with which we win their trust.

Q: Besides cakes and muffins which are offered as a weekly menu you also make Art cupcake and cupcake sets. Tell us something more about these products. Do you see a more increased interest and preference to cupcake sets for weddings instead of the traditional wedding cakes?

A: We try to develop other projects too, such as the Cupcake Art for example, which add emotional value to our brand and products. Cupcake Art is successful because it is a product of the remarkable work of many people – artists, designers, illustrators. And also because two authentic ideas stand behind it: the first one is that the cupcake is an original format for creative performance, the second one – the copyright has to be taken into account.

Q: You took part in this year’s design festival – Sofia Design Week. The topic was – Painting on Cake. Was there any interest and how did the children cope with the decoration? This is a pretty good initiative – not only did they make something on their own but they also took it and ate it with pleasure. Do you plan to make some more such events, we think there is interest:)

A: The interest was huge and genuine. Both children and parents found it that way. Workshops, demonstrations, events – we are just heating up:)

Q: We know you have many more new ideas for development of the product range in the bakery as well as online. Tell us something more about what is upcoming.:)
A: Presenting of a new category within Cupcake Art is coming – Cupcake Art for Kids. It will be exciting:)

Q: You won the prize for best online shop of the year in the Bulgarian Web Awards Competition. Why did the jury choose you? How did you win it, what makes you different from the other participants?

A: According to us, the jury valued the fact that the online shop successfully adapts some unique services we offer to the digital environment. So far the most popular section in the site is the Configurator which enables every visitor to ‘configure’ his own cake and order it online. Other interesting spots in the site are the Cupcake Art and the Tastes Calendar which bears the whole logics of the site.

You can see our project Online shop development for Take a Cake or visit their site immediately and order irresistably delicious cupcakes and muffins!


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    Katy Alberts

    In my opinion the collaboration between you and Take a Cake is more than successful!!! Keep doing wonders =]

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