Sweet and irresistably chocolate web design for Alimco shop

Our latest project has been on for a week, we worked on it at full steam over the last month so that our clients could present it on BULPEK 2011 – the bakery and confectionery expo. There have not been so many temptations at the office till now! During the online shop development and our meetings with our clients we had access to an interesting inside information. How are the famous Macaroni in one of the most popular confectionaries in Bulgaria made, what mixture is used to make so delicious muffins and how easy it is to be a confectioner when you have a ready mixture for almost every product :)
Of course, besides getting informed so well on chocolate, ice-cream and bread, we tasted different flavours, colours and scents. The sugar rush gets us and we solve tasks fast. See our project New online shop development for Alimco. We will be glad if you find it tasty.

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