US IT company entrusted us the web design of its professional site

Our clients from Boston – Sanbolic trusted us and we redesigned their web site. In the beginning we stuck to the structure and we aimed to keep the view of the old site, but as we had complete freedom about the design, we decided to show some more creativity. Our designers created special icons for most categories and products of Sanbolic as well as different design of the whole website. The communication with our clients was entirely on Skype at convenient for both sides time. Together we generated the direction, functionality and overall project realization. It was such a pleasure for us! You can see the result on Website development for Sanbolic.


  1. 16.05.12 в 08:55


    Great! This web site is a professional and has a creative and useful design. I know the work of Sanbolic and can say that this people are great too. Absolute professionals! Keep with good projects and good work!

  2. 22.09.12 в 17:36

    Hanes Howdhury

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