Design and website development for Nadejda

Nadejda clinic is a center for reproductive health and in vitro fertilization (IVF). 

Leaving a life after us

We want to be remembered with the good and important deeds we have done in our lives. This is encoded in each of us. Having developed the website of Nadejda center and giving it a futuristic and innovative image via parallax effects we hope we have left at least a small trace after us.

Perhaps some people have not heard of the Parallax effect. This is a technique that includes pictures located on a few layers which move on the website at different speed/perspectives and they create the illusion for a 3D picture. As the effect impressed our clients we decided to use it for the first time on their website. Some time after launching the project online we already have a few inquiries on the above-mentioned technique. 

They are our hopes!

The pleasure lies in the smallest things. The happiness for every woman is most real when she knows she can and will have a child. We participated in the project of Nadejda In Vitro Center with the faith that we will manage to give hope to all those future mothers who for one reason or another want, but cannot have babies. The stories for the hope of all those women who have made attempts to have a baby for long years are published on the web site the way they have told them. You will feel committed to their joy they have felt when they have finally managed to have their long-awaited baby!

Награди за РИЗН

Awards and acknowledgements

First prize in "Web design: Society and institutions: " - Computer Space

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