New website design and development for BDF

BDF – the Bulgarian Donor Forum is a membership organization which represents and supports big donors (companies and foundations) in Bulgaria.

Български дарителски форум - с мисъл и отношение

With thought and attitude

Our clients trusted us for the second time for the development of their website. We are happy to progress together and share the same concept about the attitude to details. It's important to put mind and enthusiasm in the things you do, that's what makes you a better man and professional.

Working on the BDF project made us feel good as we became part of the ideas and projects of our clients. We learnt more about the corporate donation in Bulgaria as well as about the long-term programs of the donation forum. It's nice when we have such customers because we can always learn something new from them and see the world from another point of view.


Awards and acknowledgements

First prize in “Public administration and NGOs” category of BG Sait 2011

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