Design and online store development for Wall Decor

WALL DECOR is a specialized brand in the field of wall coverings from the DECOR CENTER chain.

Wallpapers, paints, damasks and fantasy

You can make your room look exactly the way you have dreamed of. Whether it will be a classic wallpaper, a bold combination of colours and material or a romantic fantasy – Wall Decor will take care of your good mood. Your child’s room will also look fairy and from the wall will emerge all kind of figures of colourful animals, plants and heroes. It’s nice when you feel comfortable and in harmony with yourself at home. Thanks to Wall Decor this happens each and every day.

Wall Decor and decoration

The decorative elements in your home add complete look to the room. It is alive and smiling. Cheery hangers or stickers of adhesive foil – you arrange and make the apartment according to your taste. Children enjoy it the most as they can chase butterflies, catch flying saucer or look at animals from the zoo in their own room. Great colours, ideas and mood!

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