Online shop development for BLOK

BLOK is a streetwear/skate shop that is an exclusive agent for Bulgaria of brands like SUPRA Footwear, KR3W Denim Co., DGK, and many more.  

UnBLOKing the stereotypes

If you are one of those people that don't like or don't have the time for shopping idling then you will definitely like the idea of Blok for developing also their online space. To a great extend Magento is responsible for your convenient shopping 24/7. Surely we don't need a mannual for using it as we are already professionals in working with this Ecommerce platform. When we think about the time that we spend in waiting for the shop assistants to tell us if they have in stock our size, our heads start aching. But for BLOK's online shop we made it practically – by only one click of the mouse we get all the information we need for the product. If we also add the fact that we could peacefully relax at the coach, eat some snacks and shop a pair of new sneakers or jeans online, we will certainly raise our two hands for shopping from home.


BLOK + Magento

We developed the online shop at the Magento - one stable ecommerce platform with a great deal of functionalities and promotional packages. We used for Blok the Favorite products module. By utilizing it you could easily create your own product collection even without a registration. The module allows you to follow and analyze the most likeable products which helps in organization of the subsequent promotion campaign. The “Favorite products” feature was exclusively developed in favor of the business owners.

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