Online shop development for Velex

Velex is a firm for delivery and design of upholstery fabrics and furniture accessories.

Such a great variety of designs and colours!

Our clients from Velex have many collections with different designs, sizes, colours and options for usage. That's why we had to make a very detailed and careful planning of the way we will create the products on the online shop. We left the pleasant feeling from the easy navigation in the site for the end user. Relax in front of the computer while choosing the most suitable damask for the sofa!

Velex + Magento

The online shop is once again developed on Magento. Judging by our latest projects it seems that this is our true friend in developing sites for online shopping. We have many times highlighted the advantages of the Magento platform as well as its functionalities. In this case, we are pleased with this project because Magento showed its full glory namely because of the specifics and complexity of our client's products. The more complex the online shop is, the better we perform when we work with Magento. Magento loves challenges!

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