Design and online shop development for Vintage Club

Vintage Club is an online shop for wines, wine accessories, books and gourmet events.

Back to school, at the wine and gourmet culture class!

How to make aromatic muffins or to arrange a beautiful and delicious holiday table? These are a small part of the courses you can purchase from the Vintage Club online shop. We chose to visit this interest course and we are looking forward to the start of the events because we are true fans. Well, we consider ourselves amateurs, but as it appears, we can accomplish miracles at home or impress friends with what we've learned from Vintage Club.

Magento + RIZN

Vintage Club + Magento

This time we stick to our style again and the online shop created by us is on Magento. Here we did a great job as we adjusted the system in a way it can work for more specific items – events and courses. We were delighted to find out again that Magento can do anything and we discovered one of its secrets.

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