Web design and site development for BSS Promotion

BSS Promotion is Bulgarian non media advertising agency.

A cup of coffee?

Starting the day with a cup of aromatic coffee makes us feel fresher and more fit for work. This is one of the small secrets for a successful start of the day :)

Awards and acknowledgements

First prize in “Services” category of BG Site, November 2006
Dope Award in “Original” category, May 2006
Style website Awards in the “Flash Website” category, June 2006
Mowsnet Awards, May 2006
Acknowledgement by Defrost Network, June 2006
Acknowledgement by Design in Europe, June 2006
Acknowledgement by Pixel Makers “Site Of The Day”, June 2006
My Design Award, June 2006
Acknowledgement by New Web Pick, July 2006

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