Web design and SEO optimization for DiVino

We developed a website for wine, wine journalism and culture – DiVino.

To wine with love from Divino

In Divino Encyclopedia there is a rich collection of features on how wine is produced, how it is tasted, stored and served. “Everyone has the right for a glass of nice wine!” Our team fully agrees with this. There is information which is interesting and useful for every visitor of the site. For people to whom wine is just a way of intoxication as well as for fine connoisseurs and wine critics. We think they have done a more than successful job. We are certainly inspired and we are going to fill a glass of red wine and say “Cheers!” for the interesting wine product.

SEO optimization for search engines

We managed very quickly to rank DiVino on first page on Google amidst the great competition of search engines on the keyword ‘Wine’. The wine portal enjoys great interest and high rankings from food- and wine-lovers as well as from professionals in the industry sharing their articles and reports.

Awards and acknowledgements

First prize in “Information and Media” category by Computer Space, October 2010

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