Logo design, website development and SEO optimization for Orbis Foods

Orbis Foods is a brand of Zaharni Zavodi PLC, Gorna Oriahovitsa – a sugar products maker since 1887.

Лого дизайн и фирмен стил

Logo design and corporate style

Orbis Foods by Zaharni Zavodi PLC tends to be a little forgotten brand. Today we managed to make it popular again via a new logo design and corporate style. It was a real pleasure and honour to us to become part of the Zaharni Zavodi PLC’s history.

2011-2012 Calendar development

Our colleague Nasko Kunchev made a special photosession for Orbis Foods products from which we selected the most tempting photos and we created the calendar for our clients for 2011. We added to our portfolio the 2012's calendar too that is with a completely different style this time. The main characters are very familiar - The Comedians. Each month is very tasty with Orbis products!

SEO optimization

We have developed SEO optimization on the site and currently we continue the work on its popularization and optimization. When searching for key words on Google Orbis Foods website appears on the first page. Thanks to our joint efforts the Orbis Foods brand as well as the site itself are already very popular on the Internet.

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