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Divino.Taste is a Bulgarian wine forum organized by the people standing behind the projects Menu Magazine, DiVino and Vintage Club.

За виното и живота - DiVino.Taste

To wine from life :)

Wine would not be that tasty without adding the suitable food. Our modest knowledge in this sphere says red wine goes well with heavier foods and white – with lighter ones.
The nice wine consumed responsibly can make your day, but if you go too far it can make it worse that it has been. When it comes to wine, food and life we can talk about them for a long time, but we will stop here to give you a chance to enjoy our website and pick which lectures and wine producers you want to visit on the forum. And don't forget to take your tickets! Hurry up before they are over :)

Awards and acknowledgements

Prize in "Cause, event, community", BG Sait, 2012

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