Corporate website development for New Bags

New Bags is a company specialized in design, production and distribution of luxurious bags made of paper and cardboard.

Торбички от New Bags

Bags with gifts

There will be gifts for everyone... It's so pleasant to receive a gift in a luxurious paper bag with a satin ribbon. The size does not matter as the gesture is what really counts.  And the attitude to the other man is seen mostly in the carefully selected packing.


Quality, control and effectiveness!

New Bags is an example of a firm which relies on its clients and its innovative development. Integrating a resource management system as well as the overall control of the design and production process reveal the serious actions taken in terms of high quality and effectiveness. We also think that every self-respecting firm must seek this. This is why we develop most of our sites using our own content management system. RIZN CMS is easy-to-explore, easy-to-manage and convenient for all clients who want to fill in their site with information.

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